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Wagtails is a day care that provides individualised care. Our goal is to send dogs home with wagging tails. 


Our dogs at WagTails have the best opportunities to socialise and play. Along with 45 minutes of walking for every dog at the day care. Exercise is important to us. With ball pits, agility, tunnels and a variety of toys. Your dog will be mentally and physically stimulated at WagTails.

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Sarah Pacock owner of Blaise and Hali 



"You guys are amazing. We are so thankful to have found you and you should all be proud of what you do for all the pups in your care. 

Blaise noticeably loves you all and it’s a pleasure to see how relaxed he is in your presence (even to the point he’s quite happy to stay when we pick him up )"

Lisa owner of Murphy 


"Murphy has come on loads with his anxiety thanks to the patience, care and compassion Ophelia, Shay and the whole team show him. I think he loves his session with you today."

Louise Colley owner of Fredo

Fredo loves his sessions at Wag tails, the team are amazing with him.  Would recommend to all my family and friends.

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