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This is a key behaviour that dogs need. We  work with puppies, young adult dogs, and fully grown dogs to help improve their socialisation skills. This is very important to Wag Tails, and helps the dogs in their day to day life. Socialised dogs are happy dogs. 

More about our services

Our Doggy Day Care is a safe space to leave your dogs whilst your at work, a meeting or even just to get them out and about. We believe 
exercise and mental stimulation is the key to happy healthy dogs. Dogs over 6 months will be walked for 45 minutes in
 a group or solo walk. All dogs will have a toilet break every 1.5hrs and puppies every 30-45 minutes. 

Basic Training
At Wagtails one of our goals is to help our dogs with behavioural issues. We strongly believe in rewarding the good and working on the bad! Depending on how your dog is motivated to learn we use a variety of rewarding methods, clickers, treats and toys. Re-call is a big part of our training program at Wagtails. 

At Wagtails we have a variety of enriching equipment. Including agility courses, ball pit, mental stimulation puzzles. Along with physical and social stimulation activities. 

A little bit about our walks....
Our dogs favourite part of the day is the field walks. We offer group and solo walks. On our group walks we have a range from 2-6 dogs. This is a great way to get all their excitement out and work on their socialisation out in an open space! 



On 1:1 solo walks our main focus is re-call and keeping the dogs full attention on us. We design the walk around the dogs needs and training requirements.  

Walking equipment 
- Spare leads/long lines
- First aid kit
- Treats
- Dog water bottle
- Clicker
-  Poo ba
- Ball


Long lines are an amazing way to work on recall but still have the control over the dog. We have a range of sizes depending on the dogs speed/sniffing drive, 10 metre, 15 metre and 20 metre. On the first walk with a new member to our day care we usually use a 15 metre line.

All dogs require a properly fitted collar or harness with an ID tag. This is a legal requirement. 

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